Elixa Square Tablet is a uniquely intelligent form
that assimilates and resolves multiple strands of
information simultaneously. It embodies the perfect
equivalence of natural numbers (0,1,2,3…) with the
simplest possible sums of golden ratio exponents.
Notwithstanding its computational prowess, this tablet
has a warm and regal presence. It gently and
consistently supports personal and collective
evolution, and can assist a wide range of individuals,
couples and families. Pictured at left in vertical
suspension over a coffee table.

• Precision cut from brass
• Plate thickness 1/8” or 3.175 mm
• Approx. width: 12.52” or 318 mm
• Approx. weight: 3.22 lbs or 1.46 kg

US$650 with free shipping to US and Canadian addresses.  Available in brass.

Elixa Square Tablet Testimonials

Love at First Vibe

PranaForms for me have been love at first vibe. I now have several of them hanging in my home, and for more than their aesthetic value. It doesn’t take much understanding of sacred geometry to realize there’s a lot of wisdom and power in these forms. But the proof lies in experiencing them. These forms have helped me bring calm and order to the chaotic vibrations of today’s environment. 

The vision and attention to detail that Peter puts into the design and precise fabrication of these geometric splendours gives them a power to generate strong and coherent vibrational fields. I take time to get to know each one, as each has its own particular personality and is willing to share it.

When I sit or stand by one, I feel an exchange taking place, as if it is cleansing my field and enabling beneficial energy to enter. The body may be 60% water, but it is 100% vibration. An energy bath with these forms is an important part of my daily hygiene!

The Elixa Square Tablet is complex, and it packs a punch. While contemplating it, I can feel its numerous angles offering a “crunching” quality to my interior, while its complex arrays of circles balance this with some smoothness. It is subtle and not subtle at the same time. Like a fine wine, it has a strong beginning and a smooth finish.

Jesse G. L. Stewart

Becoming Brighter

When I brought this tablet into my house, everything just lit up. I hung it vertically in the middle of the bay window in my living room. The Elixa Square helped me tie up some loose ends in my life and find new confidence to move forward. As I did, the tablet kept becoming more vibrant. Regular visitors to my place noticed this, commenting that it seemed to become brighter over time.

This tablet is encoded with specific frequencies and resonances. They worked directly on the codes in my body – on my DNA and my cellular memory – and upgraded them. This device clears the system and recalibrates it according to what the individual needs at that particular time. Fantabulous!

Klaudija Troskot
Intitutive Energy Healer

Store Policies

Note: The tablets pictured on this website are typical specimens. Each tablet is precision cut to accurately achieve its intended design and function. Plate surfaces (in the uncut dimension) typically have fine shallow scratches. Most tablet owners enjoy these distinguishing characteristics; but professional polishing after purchase is an option for owners who desire a mirror polish or a perfectly consistent coarser polish. Brass and copper tablets ship with a light coating of beeswax paste; but professional lacquering after purchase is an option for owners.