Elixa Round Tablet mirrors universal organization
and establishes an uncompromising standard of
truth. It embodies the progression of golden ratio
exponents and their respective inverses. This
challenging device may interest those willing to
step outside their comfort zone to evolve rapidly.
This tablet helps in dissolving illusions and moving
out of ‘stuck’ patterns. Phased-in use is
recommended, beginning with horizontal placement
above a table (as pictured at left).

• Precision cut from stainless steel
• Plate thickness 1/8” or 3.175 mm
• Approx. diameter: 14.17” or 360 mm
• Approx. weight: 3.11 lbs or 1.41 kg

US$500 with free shipping to US and Canadian addresses. Available in stainless steel.

Elixa Round Tablet Testimonial

A Beautiful Challenge

Working with the Elixa Round Tablet has been a valuable experience on many levels. When it first came into my home, I was eager to see if I would experience any shifts in consciousness. Would it enhance my meditation? Would it help me tune into my higher self?

I felt well prepared, but this beautiful form proved a formidable challenge. It initially presented itself as a powerful and commanding presence that I had to gradually assimilate in my daily life. It has assisted me in processing and incorporating all my life experiences in a way that has allowed me to move forward. Once I opened to this challenge, the tablet’s energy supported and guided me to levels of consciousness that I thought required years of spiritual practice!

The Elixa Round Tablet has created a calm and very grounded energy throughout my home. This does not go unnoticed by my guests, and it’s exciting to see their reactions to this beautiful piece of “artwork”. The tablet is now an integral part of my daily life, enhancing and supporting my quest for higher awareness.
Thank you, Peter, for creating, manifesting and sharing the gift of PranaForms.

Cate Grober

Store Policies

Note: The tablets pictured on this website are typical specimens. Each tablet is precision cut to accurately achieve its intended design and function. Plate surfaces (in the uncut dimension) typically have fine shallow scratches. Most tablet owners enjoy these distinguishing characteristics; but professional polishing after purchase is an option for owners who desire a mirror polish or a perfectly consistent coarser polish. Brass and copper tablets ship with a light coating of beeswax paste; but professional lacquering after purchase is an option for owners.