Biogenesis avails very high frequencies and brings in the vibration of new life. This device activates the Seed of Life geometry by framing it in open air. Biogenesis supports the release of old
thought-forms – especially about oneself – and clears space for regeneration.

Spinning in vertical suspension brings a powerful cleansing action. This tablet is an excellent choice
for path-breakers, way-finders and anyone ready
for a new life. We are very excited to introduce this
striking and powerful form in 2012. Pictured at left
is Biogenesis in brass, in vertical suspension near
an outside wall.

• Precision cut from brass or copper
• Plate thickness 1/8” or 3.175 mm
• Maximum width: 12.52” or 318 mm
• Weight: Brass 1.19 lbs or .54 kg. Copper 1.24 lbs or .56 kg

US$800 with free shipping to US and Canadian addresses. Available in brass or copper.

Please make your choice of material by clicking “Add special instructions to the seller” just before you pay, and typing “brass” or “copper”.

 Biogenesis Testimonial

Vitality, Harmony and Balance

I took delivery of my Biogenesis from PranaForms several months ago. I feel its vibrant pulse enriching my life and making my home more open and welcoming. Its beautiful design, material purity and faultless execution distinguish it from other energy devices I’ve used, and make it more suitable as a centrepiece in a common area. My husband resists the idea that a shape can emanate a clearing field! But he’s benefited nonetheless, and is comfortable with its presence on the main floor of our home.

I feel personally connected to the Biogenesis, and I work with it to further open my heart and cleanse my energy. For me this design represents life begetting life, and a whole system of being in which we human beings are a small and wondrous part. There is power and peace in knowing this. I have found that Biogenesis restores vitality, harmony and balance; and I am very grateful.


Store Policies

Note: The tablets pictured on this website are typical specimens. Each tablet is precision cut to accurately achieve its intended design and function. Plate surfaces (in the uncut dimension) typically have fine shallow scratches. Most tablet owners enjoy these distinguishing characteristics; but professional polishing after purchase is an option for owners who desire a mirror polish or a perfectly consistent coarser polish. Brass and copper tablets ship with a light coating of beeswax paste; but professional lacquering after purchase is an option for owners.