Welcome to the PranaForms website! Here you can explore the life-renewing connections between form, vibration and consciousness.

PranaForms are shape-based devices that work with their owners to:

  • concentrate the life force (also called prana in India, chi in China, and ki in Japan)
  • raise vibrations (increase the frequency of energy cycles around and within us)
  • enrich personal well-being
  • expand and purify personal consciousness
  • experience the underlying reality of unity

Just like us, the entire universe is alive, aware and always changing. Moreover, the universe and all its parts – including us – are organized through the same basic design principles. Cosmic order is often discussed in scientific or esoteric terms that are inaccessible to many, and yet the foundational principles can be discovered by anyone through simple geometry.

PranaForms are based on universal relationships, including the golden ratio (1.618) and fractal symmetry, where balanced patterns are re-stated through progressive levels of scale. As a result, PranaForms resonate with the universal architecture and enliven and support our relationship with universal life.

 PranaForms for You

We are delighted to offer beautiful and practical Tablets for purchase online. We began developing these one-piece forms in 2009 in order to maximize our technology’s accessibility and ease of use. Because we’ve condensed as we’ve simplified, the potency of these devices is uncompromised. They are very powerful, notwithstanding their modest size and convenient format. Tablet PranaForms are easy to use anywhere for a wide range of personal and shared benefits. Your choices are laid out below.


Biogenesis avails very high frequencies and brings in the vibration of new life. This device activates the Seed of Life geometry by framing it in open air. It supports the release of old thought-forms – especially about oneself – and clears space for regeneration. This tablet is an excellent choice for path-breakers, way-finders and anyone ready for a new life. We are very excited to introduce this striking and powerful form in 2012.

$800 with free shipping to US and Canadian addresses.
Available in brass or copper.




Elixa Square Tablet is a uniquely intelligent form that assimilates and resolves multiple strands of information simultaneously. It embodies the perfect equivalence of natural numbers (0,1,2,3…) with the simplest possible sums of golden ratio exponents. Notwithstanding its computational prowess, this tablet has a warm and regal presence. It gently and consistently supports personal and collective evolution, and can assist a wide range of individuals, couples and families.

$650 with free shipping to US and Canadian addresses.
Available in brass.




Elixa Round Tablet mirrors universal organization and establishes an uncompromising standard of truth. It embodies the progression of golden ratio exponents and their respective inverses. This challenging device may interest those willing to step outside their comfort zone to evolve rapidly. This tablet helps in dissolving illusions and moving out of ‘stuck’ patterns.

$500 with free shipping to US and Canadian addresses. 
Available in stainless steel.




Tablet PranaForms in Use

Placement options allow each user to modulate his or her engagement with the tablet. All of our tablets can be used in different configurations according to personal preferences. The aesthetics of placement fascinate owners initially, but they may soon become familiar with different levels of output and possibilities of use.


Journey through Form and Consciousness

Since 2001, we at PranaForms have created a wide range of vitalizing shape-based devices. A few examples are presented below to give you a sense of our journey through form and consciousness. The tablets featured above are available for purchase here, while the devices featured below are not for sale online.

Spaceframes are how PranaForms began twelve years ago. These are open geometric frames, assembled from metal tubes and connectors, which are large enough for people to enter. Each spaceframe is a matrix that envelops its occupant to enrich rest, contemplation and communion.




Pulsar is a simple but concentrated design that energizes the heart centre and supports individual meditation. It’s been built in titanium and in stainless steel. We began building spaceframes with metal tubes closed at their ends and bolted onto connecting rings (like the sample at left). But we quickly discovered that open-ended tubes generate much more prana, particularly when attached to open connectors. (See the spaceframes below for open connectors.)







Carnis is a large and complex spaceframe that accommodates individuals, couples and small groups. With six hexagonal prisms nested within one, the Carnis is a giant walk-in crystal.  It provides a uniquely dynamic and flexible platform for inter-dimensional transformation, and facilitates the experience of unity.







Omtara is a suspended sphere that can spin or settle around one occupant (standing or seated on a single-pillar stool). This is a spherical statement of the icosadodecahedral symmetry (combining 20 triangles and 10 pentagons), often associated with the Earth’s etheric body. Entering this device fosters the sense of being at the centre of the Earth, and regular use deepens personal realization of the Earth being. The Omtara sphere also situates our planetary experience in the wider celestial context. It’s fun and exciting to be near and go into!





Suspended PranaForms were developed from 2006 as an alternative to our spaceframes, which require substantial resources, space and assembly time. Suspended forms nest two or more relatively small pieces, and hang from ceilings to raise the vibration of homes, healing spaces and workplaces. Some owners also meditate or sleep under them. Several holistic health practitioners serve their clients with the aid of different models. Some examples:


Thermodulor fosters stability and order. The space around it tends to become more calm, organized and tidy by virtue of its influence on its owner. The inner cylinder features seventeen holes in a spiral formation, while the outer cylinder features holes of three different sizes arrayed in four different orders. We remain mystified by this design but are grateful for it!




Gowindalyn expresses joy and supports intimacy. Its simple design is reminiscent of wind chimes. The tubes’ internal diameters are related to their lengths by the golden ratio and its exponents. This feature enables the device to develop positive energy in association with its owners. Men and women who’ve slept under Gowindalyn have found it can stimulate the libido. The outer ring can be removed to activate a more transpersonal and concentrated vibration that supports unity.






XinXala gently supports personal well-being and evolution across a broad spectrum of frequencies. This five-piece design features a strong galactic resonance. A vertical rod and a horizontal disc of equal breadth find three rings nested between them, using relationships similar to those found in Gowindalyn.

In 2012 this device has been upgraded by replacing the inner rod with an open tube, for a more exuberant and optimistic presence with an expanded sense of possibility.








Iscala reconciles duality within unity by alternating the golden ellipse (generated from two points) with the circle (generated from one point). This simple form cultivates harmony and a soothing presence. It can contribute to domestic stability and happiness, or be used to support work remediating trauma and conflict.




Form and Consciousness

All forms hold some consciousness, but our appreciation of this depends on our own state of awareness. For example, some of us can recognize the awareness of plants, while fewer appreciate that rocks and even human artifacts have their own specific forms of consciousness. ‘Primitive’ peoples were said to embrace this principle through their ‘animistic beliefs’. But they knew what many of us are only beginning to remember: that the entire universe is alive, breathing and aware. And anything that belongs to the universe shares in this cosmic life and experience.

If you wish to restore your life to this greater truth, PranaForms can help. They are conscious forms designed to channel universal energy into personal consciousness. Each PranaForm will interact distinctively with the consciousness of its owner to raise vibration and the quality of experience. With the owner’s blessing, a PranaForm can harmonize personal development with the universal unfoldment, and open the gates to the experience of unity.

If you’d like to learn how a stationary fabricated shape can elevate your consciousness, the next section may help.

Cosmic Order 101

The universal design code is not difficult to learn, but easy and fun! Make yourself at home with it by contemplating the five perfectly symmetrical shapes. Find a set of these Platonic Solids and consider yourself enrolled in the course!


Prefer curves to straight lines? You can activate the universal code in three minutes by drawing seven circles on blank paper with a compass. Here is the Seed of Life:

The term sacred geometry has come down to us because the universal design code is expressed through geometry, and is indeed sacred: holy, of the whole, and wholesome. Sacred geometry gives the basic code of life and the template for universal development.

If you wish to study this subject, there’s one book I recommend: The Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe.  Michael S. Schneider opens a clear path to learning in this area, and provides exercises that turn readers into practitioners.

If you want to assimilate these principles, don’t just read text and look at images. Draw the drawings! Get a magnetic toy building set and snap together your own three-dimensional forms. These experiences will show you the underlying rules of relatedness, and so help you recall your connection to universal order.

Math class may have left you believing that geometry – number in form – is purely intellectual. But making your own forms will show you that geometry is also visceral, psychic and spiritual. The personal practice of geometry is in fact a powerful platform for personal evolution.

If your heart desires your own expression of sacred geometry, the unstoppable power of universal unfoldment will get behind you. And if you listen as you design and build – balancing rational thought with intuition – your project will come right.

But you don’t need to practice geometry in order to benefit from it. You just need to get yourself a form that feels good to you, centre it in your space and – with your own heartfelt blessing – let the magic unfold.

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